Important Dates

                                President's Message

    Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) at Louisiana State University is a pre-professional health honors society dedicated to pre-medical students.  AED aims to guide and assist students who wish to be successful medical professionals by exposing them to guest speakers and local volunteer work.  In addition to informing students of the many keys to success needed during undergraduate and professional schooling, we offer volunteer opportunities in our Baton Rouge community to ensure our members are well-rounded and socially informed applicants.

     AED holds meetings every two weeks designed to expose students to career options within the healthcare field.  At each meeting, guest speakers share their experiences, advice, and guidance with our members.  These speakers include medical students, residents, and physicians of numerous specialties including cardiology, internal medicine, and pediatrics.  In addition, our members have the chance to meet the Deans of Admission from both LSU medical schools at our Dean's Convocation.  Each tells us about their respective school followed by a unique opportunity to personally meet each Dean. We also host a Mock Interview with one of these Deans in order to expose our members to the details of the interview process.  Just as important as it is to be exposed to the many aspects of the medical field, we provide our members with countless opportunities to volunteer in our community at local hospitals, nursing homes, cancer services centers, youth organizations, and many more!

    As the new academic year begins, I am excited to serve as president of our chapter of AED and work with such passionate and driven students within our organization. I have learned a lot over the past few years through AED and am ready to give back. We are always ready to welcome new members, so if you are pursuing any career in health care please feel free to attend one of our meetings and start getting involved with AED. If the officers and I can be of any assistance to you, please reach out to us. Our personal contact info can be found here, or you can email aed.labeta@gmail.com

Sheila Mallenahalli
2018-2019 President
AED LA Beta Chapter

Spring Semester Meeting Dates 


1st General Meeting: Wednesday, 1/23 in 130 Howe Russel
2nd General Meeting: Tuesday, 2/5 in 130 Howe Russel
3rd General Meeting: Wednesday, 2/20 in A101 Life Sciences
4th General Meeting: Tuesday, 3/12 in 130 Howe Russel
5th General Meeting: Tuesday, 3/26 in A101 Life Sciences
Final General Meeting: Wednesday, 4/10 in A101 Life Sciences

MCAT Prep Course Silent Auction

End Date: April 8th, 2019 at 11:59 PM - ENDED

We will be doing a silent auction for one Kaplan and one The Princeton Review MCAT Prep Course (in person course)! Prep courses retail anywhere from $1000 to $2,500, so this is a great way to get one at a cheaper price! Use the google form below to fill out your name, codename, and email, and then using the excel sheet write your name and then your bid countering the bid previously placed in the space above. Place bids below the "starting value" bid. Use the same codename if participating in both silent auctions (Kaplan and The Princeton Review) DO NOT USE YOUR OWN NAME OR SOMEONE ELSE'S NAME! YOU MUST USE A CODENAME THAT IS NOT ALREADY TAKEN. If you want to up your own bid please enter in a NEW BID! Do NOT MODIFY YOUR PREVIOUS BID. Good luck!




Mock Interview Links

The links to view the mock interview with Dr. Eubanks can be found under the resources tab at the bottom in the folder labeled "Mock Interview Fall 2018"

Join Our Mailing List 

To join the AED Email list, use your Tiger Email Account to email aedemail@gmail.com with your name and tiger email address. Unfortunately, we cannot accept non-LSU email addresses due to the formatting of our list serve. 

Dean's Convocation

This semester's Deans convocation was on Tuesday, October 2nd at 7:30 PM. This opportunity will allow students to meet with the Deans of both LSUHSC-New Orleans and LSUHSC-Shreveport! Dr. Eubanks, the Dean of admissions for LSUHSC-New Orleans, and Dr. Kennedy, the Dean of admissions for LSUHSC-Shreveport, will talk about their respective schools during the meeting.

Mock Interview

This year's Mock interview was on Wednesday, October 17th. This opportunity will allow members to gain insight into the interview process with Dr. Eubanks, the Dean of admissions for LSUHSC- New Orleans.