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Officer Bios


Sheila Mallenahalli 
Lafayette, LA    
Biological Engineering    
Business Administration    
Looking up restaurants to try on Yelp, reading, binging shows on Netflix, pretending I know how to cook, getting lost browsing Wikipedia
Interesting fact:  I’ve run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain!
Duties: Organizing guest speakers and meeting agendas, supporting all other officer in their duties
Contact E-mail: aed.labeta@gmail.com

Executive VP:

Name: Alexandra Shiell

Hometown: Montreal, QC and Metairie, LA

Majors: Biological Sciences & French

Hobbies: Baking, painting, and watching musicals

Duties: Oversee the Freshman and Sophomore Committee as well as help obtain sponsorships for Loop-the-Lake.

Contact E-mail: ashiel8@lsu.edu

VP of Service:

Name: Sadie Thompson

Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Business Administration

Hobbies: Painting, crafting, reading

Interesting fact: I do research on equine uterine microbiomes. 

Duties: I reach out to the community to create service events for the club. I also organize the fall and spring blood drives.

Contact E-mail: aedservicelsu@gmail.com


VP of Service:

Name: Tabitha Kearns

Hometown: Thibodaux, LA

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Human Nutrition

Hobbies: cooking, running, serving the homeless community, reading, and watching This is Us and Dateline

Interesting Fact: I'm completely obsessed with the British Royal Family.

Duties: I coordinate service events and ongoing service opportunities for our members. I also plan donation drives to help those in need and better the Baton Rouge community.

Contact E-mail: aedservicelsu@gmail.com



Name: Caroline Lawless

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: Psychology

Hobbies: volunteering with kids, spending time outdoors, reading, watching Netflix

Interesting Fact: Growing up, I Irish Danced and played the harp.

Duties: Keeping record of meeting and service points, meeting conflicts, etc.

Contact E-mail: aedemail@gmail.com


Name: Emily McKinney

Hometown: Battle Ground, WA

Major: Chemistry

Minors: Psychology & Biology

Hobbies: Traveling, swimming, netflix

Duties: Handling membership dues and keeping in contact with national offices about various dues.

Contact E-mail: emckin2@lsu.edu


Name: Will Boles
Hometown: Monroe, LA
Major: Microbiology
Minor: Psychology
Hobbies: Comics, poetry, PC gaming, and sleep
Interesting Fact: I've been to Bilbo Baggins' house.
Duties: Informing everyone of the membership requirements/application process, collecting membership documents and fees, and registering full members with the national AED office.
Contact E-mail: aedlabetamembership@gmail.com


Name: Alisa Nguyen

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Majors: Biological Sciences & Microbiology

Minors: Asian Studies & Chemistry

Hobbies: Binge watching Korean dramas, hanging out with friends and family, reading

Duties: Designing an annual t-shirt, taking pictures at the events and meetings, updating AED’s social media platform, making an end of the year slideshow.

Contact E-mail: angu136@lsu.edu


Name: Mark A. Maier II

Hometown: Prairieville, LA

Major: Biochemistry

Hobbies: Spending time with my family, working out, and constantly using Google to find random material to read.

Interesting Fact: I spent the summer of 2018 shadowing a neurosurgeon in the clinic and operating room. It was an amazing experience especially since it is a field of medicine I am strongly leaning towards.

Duties: Designing and distributing flyers prior to AED meetings; and writing an article for the Scalpel that represents our AED chapter each semester.

Contact  E-mail: mmaier3@lsu.edu



Name: John Le

Hometown: Zachary, LA

Major: Biological Sciences

Hobbies: Working out, finding shows on Netflix and binge watching them, and hanging out with friends

Duties: I help coordinate the Dean’s Convocation and the Initiation Banquet, as well as assisting other members of the executive board when needed.

Contact E-mail: jle24@lsu.edu



Name: Joseph DeCorte

Hometown: Metairie, LA

Majors: Mathematics & Biochemistry

Hobbies: Bouldering, juggling, and spending time with my niece and godson

Duties: As the Member-at-Large, I am responsible for coordinating preceptorships.

Contact E-mail: jdecor4@lsu.edu



Name: Hebah Shaikh

Hometown: Lake Charles, LA

Major: Biological Sciences

Minors: Screen Arts & Psychology

Hobbies: I like to draw in my bullet journal, hangout with friends, watch movies, and make Spotify playlists. 

Interesting fact: I have met Kirk from Gilmore Girls.

Duties: I am responsible for keeping the AED website up to date.

Contact E-mail: hshaik1@lsu.edu

Philanthropy Chair

Name: Olivia Obot
Hometown: Hammond, LA
Major: Biological Sciences
Minors: Psychology & Sociology

Hobbies: Working out, playing instruments, watching Grey’s Anatomy and Arrowverse shows.  

Interesting Fact: I spent a weekend this past summer backpacking across Costa Rica.

Duties: Select the Youth Oasis Mentors every semester and create a schedule for visits and activities. Oversee AED’s Dance Marathon, Up Til’ Dawn, and College Against Cancer fundraising teams. Select Captains for each of these teams.

Contact E-mail: oobot1@lsu.edu

Associate Member-at-Large:

Name: Alex Landry

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA (but born in Dallas, TX)

Major: Biochemistry & Pre-Professional Chemistry

Minor: Business Administration

Hobbies: Saturday night in Death Valley, watching movies with friends, going to trivia nights, running long distance races, volunteering at Pennington Biomedical Research Center

Interesting fact: I have a personal goal to see all 50 states and am a lifelong Scooby Doo fan!

Duties: To select officers and oversee the FSC, work with the VPs of Service for the AED blood drives, head the Loop the Lake Sponsorship Committee, work with the vice president on Loop the Lake, etc.

Contact E-mail: alan138@lsu.edu