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Officer Bios

Name: Nikka Khorsandi
Hometown: Lafayette, LA
Major: Biological Sciences 
Minor: Business Administration
Hobbies: Dancing, hanging out with friends, and binge watching TV
Interesting Fact: I got to be an extra in Pitch Perfect
Duties: Organizing guest speakers and meeting agendas as well as preparing our chapter for AED's Biennial Convention.
Contact E-mail: nkhors1@lsu.edu


Executive VP:
Name: Camille Prejean
Hometown: Lafayette, LA
Major: Biological Sciences 
Minor: Chemistry
Hobbies: Running the LSU Lakes, cooking, and spending time with friends and my cat, Reginald 
Duties: Planning AED's annual Halloween Food Drive in the fall semester as well as organizing Loop the Lake in the spring semester. Also, I distribute graduation cords and plan the annual ISL Mission Trip.
Contact E-mail: cprej15@lsu.edu

VP of Service:

Name: Florencia Scaglia Drusini

Hometown: New Iberia, LA

Major: Biochemistry

Hobbies: Give me a canvas and I'm happy

Interesting Fact: Speaks fluent Spanish!

Duties: Coordinate all service events for members to sign-up; coordinate the Blood Drive in the Fall and Spring semesters.
Contact E-mail: aedservicelsu@gmail.com


VP of Service:
Name: Kara Plasko
Hometown: Abita Springs, LA
Major: Biochemistry
Minors:French and Psychology
Hobbies: Reading, baking, binge-watching TV shows, and traveling to foreign countries
Interesting Fact: I went to Germany last summer and visited the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Science
Duties: Coordinate all service events and organize the blood drives.
Contact E-mail: aedservicelsu@gmail.com

Name: Bronson Fong
Hometown: Slidell, LA
Major: Economics
Duties: Responsible for keeping track of everyone's points and signing everyone in at the meetings. 
Contact E-mail: aedemail@gmail.com (please put "AED" in the subject line)

Name: Jewel Datri
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Majors: Biochemistry and Biological Sciences
Minors: Psychology and Chemistry
Hobbies: Yoga, rock climbing, and Netflix
Duties: My main responsibility is to coordinate the club's funds. This includes collecting dues and payments, writing checks for organizational expenses, and compiling financial data at the end of each semester.
Contact E-mail: jdatri1@lsu.edu

Name: Trelane Dunn
Hometown: Zachary, LA
Major: Biochemistry
Hobbies: Volunteering and binging on youtube videos
Duties: Informing everyone of the membership requirements/application process, collecting membership documents and fees, and registering full members with the national AED office.
Contact E-mail: aedlabetamembership@gmail.com

Name: Kendall Klein
Hometown: New Orleans, LA
Majors: Kinesiology
Minor: Biology
Hobbies: Running the LSU lakes, watching Grey's Anatomy, and cooking
Duties: Taking pictures at meetings and events, updating the bulletin boards on campus, designing t-shirts, composing a biennial report, and making an end-of-the-year slideshow
Contact E-mail: kklei21@lsu.edu


Name: Katherine Lawless
Hometown: New Orleans, LA 
Major: Biological Sciences
Duties: Send out flyer emails before every meeting; Write our chapter’s article for the Scalpel 
Contact E-mail: klawle3@lsu.edu


Name: Zachary Richard

Hometown: Hammond, LA

Major: Biochemistry

Hobbies: Soccer, running, training for Spartan Races

Interesting Fact: I worked at a summer camp for children with diabetes all summer so come to me for all of your diabetic needs/questions!!!

Duties: As one of the Members-at-Large, I help coordinate the Dean's Convocation and the Initiation Banquet, as wells as assisting other members of the executive board as needed.
Contact E-mail: zricha2@lsu.edu


Name: Alexis Angelette 
Hometown: LaPlace, LA
Major: Petroleum Engineering
Minor: Biological Sciences
Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, and traveling
Duties: As one of the Members-at-Large, I help coordinate preceptorships, the Dean's Convocation, and the Initiation Banquet.
Contact E-mail: aange11@lsu.edu


Name: Stephen Parker

Hometown: LaPlace, LA

Major: Biological Sciences

Minors: Chemistry and Psychology

Hobbies: Reading, baking, and throwing the Frisbee 

Interesting Fact: I have an identical twin!

Duties: As webmaster, I am responsible for updating the website.

Contact E-mail: spark61@lsu.edu

Philanthropy Chair

Name: Leslie St. Pierre

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA

Major: Kinesiology

Minor: Biology

Hobbies: Working out, running, spending time with family and friends

Duties: Organizing Youth Oasis work days each semester as well as organizing AED's Relay for Life, Up 'til Dawn, and Dance Marathon teams.

Contact E-mail: lstpie8@lsu.edu

Associate Member-at-Large:

Name: Catherine Muir

Hometown: Slidell, LA

Major: Biological Sciences

Hobbies: Reading,listening to music, and binge-watching TV shows

Duties: As the Associate Member-at-Large, I assist in planning our largest fundraiser, Loop the Lake, and supervise the Freshman and Sophomore Committee.

Contact E-mail: cmuir1@lsu.edu