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Commonly Asked Questions

I missed something said at the meeting tonight, where can I find the powerpoint?
All meeting powerpoints can be found at the bottom of the "Resources" page.

Where can I see how many points I have earned this semester?

What about how many points I earned in a past semester?

Do I qualify to be an associate or national member?
All information regarding membership attainment and status can be found under the "Membership" tab. All application forms can also be found at the bottom of the membership page. 

I have a conflict on Tuesday/Wednesday night, how do I get all the meeting points?

Email the secretary at with a screenshot of your schedule conflict, MCAT prep and LSU classes are the only excusable absences. Excused absences will count towards your meeting points.

How do I calculate my science GPA?

I missed the first meeting because of ___, can I still be a member of AED?
Yes, just be sure that you do attend 3 meetings within a semester in order to be considered an active member.